2. Main Impact Studies – Media Surveys Brand Value Check - Client: De Persgroep - Multi-media Impact Barometer (dailies – magazines – online) - Analysed items : Brand impression – advertising evaluation - N= 250 visitors / readers of De Persgroep titles (NL) - - Fieldwork carried out by Research Solution Interviewed via CAWI-methodology (internet) Business Advertising Survey - Client: Trustmedia - Qualitative evaluation of communication message, brand and company - N= 250 readers of ‘De Tijd’ (NL) – managers & entrepreneurs - Fieldwork carried out by CheckMarket - Interviewed via CAWI-methodology (internet) 189 Pagina 186

Pagina 188

Heeft u een brochure, page gangster of online gebruiksaanwijzingen? Gebruik Online Touch: tijdschrift digitaal bladerbaar publiceren.

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