Lexicon Panel Group of persons whose media behaviour is surveyed during a long period of time (examples : Audimetrie panel, listening diary panel,…). Profile PRP The demographic and/or lifestyle characteristics of a medium's Audience. Person Responsible for Purchase Member of the household that is most of the time responsible for the choice of the brands of groceries, most common drinks and maintenance products used in the household. RLP(LDP – LLP) Readership/Reach Last Period (Lecture Dernière Période – Lezers Laatste Periode) Rating Average percentage of a given population group consuming a medium at a particular moment, weighted by the length of consumption (viewing or listening time). (Fr syn. : AIP - Audience Instantanée Pondérée / Nl syn. : OGB - Onmiddellijk Gewogen Bereik) 195 Pagina 192

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