Lexicon Accumulation The combined net reach of a whole media schedule : it shows the net percentage of the target Audience that has seen the message after x insertions, or the increase of the reach compared to the reach after one insertion. Beta Circulation Memorization rate after one contact. This rate is different from one media to another, but is constant contact after contact. Number of copies of a publication sold or distributed. Can be Audited by an official body (CIM) or provided in the form of a publisher statement. Paid circulation : copies sold or distributed to paying subscribers. Cost per 1000 The cost per 1000 contacts within a target group delivered by a medium or media schedule. It’s obtained by dividing the cost of one insertion (or one commercial, or one campaign) by the reach in 000. Coverage % of the concerned target group that has at least one opportunity to see (to read, to hear) a message in a certain media vehicle or title. 193 Pagina 190

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