1. Market Overview - Search Main Characteristics Search Particular features - International media with WorldWide footprint - Happens instantly, people searches everyday - Happens everywhere, as long as people are connected to the internet - Searches follow seasonality Advantages - Hyper targetting based on intention (keywords are typed by surfer) - Ads answers specific request declarated by the surfer - Very high ROI - You pay only for what you get (CPC model) - You can track everything - Search queries can be used as business intelligence Evolution - - - Search is becoming more visual Investment of clicks is based on quality and relevancy Search queries are becoming more and more complex - Mobile search traffic is booming 154 Pagina 151

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Voor vakbladen, online catalogussen en onderwijscatalogussen zie het Online Touch online publisher CMS systeem. Met de mogelijkheid voor een webwinkel in uw brochures.

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